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UVC Low Pressure Lamps
UVC Low Pressure Lamps (overview)
Philips UV Lamps
UV Medium Pressure Lamps
UV Medium Pressure Lamps (overview)
IR Lamps
IR Lamps (overview)

Electronic Power Supplies

EPS Series
MLC Rack
EPS 60
EPS 100
EPSA 120
EPSA 240
EPSA 340
eUV1 Compact
eUV2 Compact
eUV3 Compact
eUV4 Compact
Brochure BLP 59/BLP 75 vs. eUV series

System Controller


Measuring Devices

Reference Radiometer MUV 2.4 WR
Reference Radiometer KUV 2.4 WR
UV Meter
LT1 Lamp tester
TMX01 Transmission Measurement Device
HI1 Measurement Device with SI1 Sensor
UV Disc
UV Micro Puck Multi
UV Control
UV Tube
Test UV Strip
UV Sensors

Submersible and immersion tube systems

TRS TLS Systems


UV Lamps and Components
Digital Water Plant

Warranty conditions

Warranty terms for Low Pressure Lamps
Warranty terms for Medium Pressure Lamps
Warranty terms for EPS
Warranty for devices and components for UV measurement
Warranty for quartz glass products, submerstion lamps and submersion tube systems
Warranty for infrared emitters

Instruction manual

Operating Manual UV Low Pressure Lamps
Operating Manual UV Medium Pressure Lamps
Operating Manual EVG UVT 16-80W
Operating Manual EVG UVT 40-200W
Operating Manual EVG UVT 200-480W
Operating Manual EVG UVT 2x 30-125W
Operating Manual EVG UVT 2x 100-320W
Operating Manual UV Sensoric Components
Installation Instructions Submersible Tube Systems
Operating Manual UV Monitor UVT 18
Operating Manual MUV 2.4 WR
Operating Manual KUV 2.4 WR
Operating Manual Infrared emitters

General terms and conditions

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