Drying and Curing

By using UV and infrared lamps different curing, heating, drying and forming processes can be carried out and made more efficient. As an experienced specialist in the field of UV and IR drying technology, the Hönle Group has the necessary application knowledge and can carry out practice-oriented feasibility tests at various locations.


UV Curing

UV curing plays an important role in the printing industry, the furniture industry or the production of printed circuit boards. Application-specific products, which are precisely adapted to the manufacturing process, are the basis for a highly efficient paint and varnish curing. Years of experience and extensive know-how are crucial in the design and installation of UV systems. Through synergistic effects within the Hönle Group, we offer customer-oriented system components and solutions.


IR Drying

During its development, almost every product passes through at least one heating or forming process. One possible method of heating components or surfaces is infrared technology. With the aid of IR-emitters, a wide range of materials can be heated and processed in seconds without contact and further processing. In the section of ink drying, the water portion of the ink is evaporated and removed in a controlled manner. Maximum precision and reliability ensure low downtimes and long service life.


Glass Treatment

In the treatment of glass, infrared emitters are used in various processes. For example, glass is preheated, coatings are fixed or dried on glass surfaces. Perfectly adapted to the product, IR emitters give controlled heat and speed up the process steps.


Wood Treatment

By using infrared heaters, primers, powders and lacquers are dried on wood as quickly and efficiently as possible without harming the wood. This makes it possible to produce high-quality products and resistant surfaces.

Food Treatment

The food industry places high demands on product quality and reliability. For example, infrared radiators are used in a variety of frying, baking or cooking processes. Infrared emitters are also optimally suited for keeping foods warm. With their help, for example, hamburgers can be pre-cooked, biscuits are baked, and chocolates for pralines are heated up or bread loafs are sterilized before packaging.


Li-Ion Battery Cell Production

In the fast-growing battery industry, Infrared heating elements are a groundbreaking technology. While thermal air systems are established over years, electrical heaters came into that market recently. Thanks to their precise directed IR heat radiation and the possibility to be switched on and off within seconds when needed, IR emitter are opening new possibilities for the production of Anodes of Lithium Ion Battery cells.
The heating time of battery sludge for the calendering process can therefore be reduced to a minimum. 

In the area of Li-Ion-cell coating, precisely adapted UV lamps ensure complete and rapid curing of the protective UV paint. Our customers worldwide benefit from our many years of experience in the field of battery cell coating.