Unusual ideas require expert implementation

The ongoing optimization of UV systems requires continuous development of our UVC system components.

This requires the development of individual product solutions, and enables us together with our customers, to define the best possible design of their UV systems.

Therefore, we work very closely with our customers and partners, and explicitly address their wishes and requirements.

With an extensive know-how, and many years of experience, we will support you in finding the correct source of radiation for your process.

For the further development of our components, UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH has a comprehensive range of equipment, which enables us to offer you the following measurements and services:

  • Transmittance measurement of glasses
  • Spectral measurement of light sources
  • Spectral irradiance measurement of UV light sources
  • Light color measurement of visual light sources (measurement of illuminance, color temperature and light color)
  • Contact-free temperature measurement of glass and metals
  • Thermography
  • Measurement of tension inside the glass

Numerous water reactors, circulatory systems and test equipment are also available for individual customer tests, which allows us to perform appropriate long term and application tests in water and air.

Additionally, we are members of the following professional associations: