The UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH is an efficient partner for all equipment and sets manufacturer working with UV- and IR-lamps as well as with UV-components.

we develop, produce and sell UVC-low-pressure-lamps, UVC intermediate-pressure-lamps, IR-lamps, electronic ballast, UV-sensors and measuring instruments as well as the necessary attachments. As a specialist for UV-disinfection in the range of water, air and surface sterilization, UV-desiccation and UV-curing our strong points are flexibility and customer adaptations.


    1. UV low- and medium-
      pressure lamps

    1. Infrared lamps

    1. Electronic Power Supplies

    1. UV measuring technology

    1. Accessories


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UV systems, UV lamps, IR/hot air systems, sun simulation equipment, UV measurement technology and adhesives: The Hönle Group offers an unique range of products which enables us to offer a complete solution for our customers’ specific processes.

Benefit from more than 40 years of experience in the development of industrial UV technology and UV systems.

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Aquatech Amsterdam 2017
(31. October - 03. November 2017)